What We Do

David Hester Wealth Management offers clients bespoke financial planning. We are a family run business, which has built its solid success on providing a personal, hands on approach. This exceptional attention to detail gives you the comfort, trust and confidence you would expect from someone dealing with your finances and your family's future. Our approach is simply in a different league to others.

Using our Wealth Management System we are able to thoroughly understand each client's needs and objectives to develop their unique wealth management plan.

We also offer high level trust and estate planning services to ensure your wealth is preserved and protected for the benefit of your family and avoids ending up in the hands of those you do not wish to benefit.

Areas of Expertise: Investment and Portfolio Management, Wealth Preservation and creation. Trust and Estate Planning.

Our Process

Understanding your needs, goals and individual concerns is the first and most important stage of our relationship. When we have spent time listening to you in depth, you will receive uncomplicated, sensible and unambiguous advice to suit your specific circumstances. This is why we have developed our Wealth Management System. This unique system is why we have been so successful in helping clients reach the right outcomes for their circumstances.

The Wealth Management System comprises a series of steps to assist the client.

  1. The Discovery Process, which contains two elements:

    The Lifetime Focuser:
    This is completed prior to the discovery meeting. It helps clients clarify their thoughts, plans and objectives for the coming years.

    The Discovery Meeting:
    The discovery meeting is designed to give you the opportunity to discuss your current situation, your worries as well as what you want to achieve, and how we can help you. The Discovery Process is provided at a fixed fee.   
  2. The Wealth Management Plan:

    The plan will discuss your objectives and how to achieve them. It will cover the alternatives open to you to meet your goals and remove your worries and concerns. It will recommend specific solutions and provide selected implementation strategies. Your Plan will be produced for a fixed fee.   
  3. Planning Meeting:

    An optional meeting to discuss your Wealth Management Plan and agree any amendments, prior to implementation.   
  4. The Implementation Process:

    A series of meetings to implement recommendations within your Wealth Management Plan. The fee to implement each element of your plan will be detailed and noted in your plan document.   
  5. The Customer relationship:

    Any further work in addition to the work implemented in your Wealth Management Plan is undertaken at your request at a fixed fee.  
  6. The Family Client:

    Designed as a proactive relationship with you and, where appropriate your family. For a fixed fee your investments and assets are managed using our Advanced Investment Strategy. Never again will you or your family need to worry about your money and having to navigate through this important area on your own. You can be confident that your investments and Inheritance Tax affairs will be properly and correctly looked after. We will regularly check and monitor your financial situation to ensure you are achieving maximum returns with minimum risks.

You can have peace of mind knowing we will always look for future opportunities to protect and amend your Plan throughout your lifetime.

Our Client Guarantee:

At each and every stage of our relationship with you, we do everything possible to take away your concerns, exceed your expectations and give you guaranteed reassurance and peace of mind in your decision to use David Hester Wealth Management. At every point we want you to be 100% satisfied with the value and expertise you receive from our team.